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Monolin Manny Moreno 

is of Yaqui/Tarascan descent and is an enrolled member of the state recognized Texas Band of Yaqui Indians. His Yaqui ancestry records date back to the late 1700’s.Back40 Publishing has published two of Moreno's books; The Bridge is Gone, (poetry), and The Elder, (a tribute and remembrance of elders, Harry Jack and Barry Beaver Turner).

Eaglespeaker Publishing has published Scared--Coming Full Circle, A Memoir. This is Moreno’s account of his impoverished life, fighting with alcoholism and drugs, until he begins the search for his heritage, finding his Indigenous identity as a Yaqui Indian.

Raised in the San Joaquin Valley in Stockton and Livingston, California, Manny overcame adversities to find his role within the Native world; as a spiritual leader in ceremonies, as well as helping in the community.

A powerful story of never surrendering. 

Moreno's poems have appeared in Song of the San Joaquin, Hincha for Moon Tide Press in June 2012. 

Moreno is a Sundancer and member of the Black Wolf Honor Society Gourd Clan and Native American Church. He has appeared on Native Voice TV in Santa Clara, KKUP Indian Time Radio in Cupertino and on Channel Ten for Native American Month.

Manny has lectured and read his poems in many venues, most recently at Modesto Junior College (Modesto), and the Haggin Museum and Mexican Cultural Center (Stockton).

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